God's Politics

After nine months, the Daily Digest is now being received by more than 20,000 people. So, I thought I’d solicit some reader opinion.

First an explanation. I use the following U.S. newspapers that cover the spectrum: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, USA Today, and The Christian Science Monitor – and others if specific stories come to my attention. For an international take, BBC and The Guardian. For the Mideast, Haaretz and al Jazeera. The news I try to cover coincides with Sojourners/Call to Renewal’s platform – war/peace, poverty and budget priorities, the environment, life issues, marriage and family, religion in general, and faith and politics in particular.

What do you think, both of the range of sources and news? Are there important sources I’m not using? Important issues I don’t include enough? If you’d like to comment, just post it in the comments for this blog post. I’ll read them all, and respond as possible.

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