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Iraq-war funding. Reid Backs Iraq War-Funds Cutoff – “Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid endorsed the Senate’s toughest antiwar bill yet, a bid to cut off funding within a year, sending a clear signal to President Bush that the Iraq debate will continue in Congress regardless of whether he carries through on his veto threats.” Reid opens new war front – “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said that he was backing legislation to cut off almost all money for the war in Iraq by next March, further escalating the Democratic confrontation with President Bush over the 4-year-old conflict.”

Iraq-military. Pair of Army units will return to Iraq sooner – “The Pentagon said that to sustain the current buildup of troops in Baghdad through the summer, two Army units have been ordered to return to Iraq without the normal yearlong stay at their home bases.” Pentagon is asked for report on Iraqi readiness– ” Despite repeated requests from a House committee chairman and government investigators, the Pentagon has failed to hand over its official assessments of the readiness of US-trained Iraqi security units to take over key functions from the US military.”

Iran. Next 48 hours ‘critical’ in Iran row – “The next two days would be “fairly critical” to resolving a diplomatic standoff between Britain and Iran over the capture of 15 British sailors and marines, Tony Blair said today.” Iran hints at way out on sailors – “Iran’s top security official said that a trial would not be necessary to decide the fate of 15 British sailors detained by Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf, the most promising signal so far of an imminent end to the crisis.” British Captives Admit Illegal Entry, Iran Says – “Iran said that all 15 captured British sailors and marines had confessed to intruding illegally into Iranian waters on March 23, when they were seized at gunpoint.” U.S. strategy on Iran may have backfired – “It seemed like a good idea at the time: Increase the military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran to get the country to bow to the international community on its nuclear enrichment program and curtail its alleged troublemaking in Iraq. But now, with 15 British sailors and marines held captive and Tehran threatening to withhold its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, that strategy has apparently backfired.”

Presidential politics-Republican fundraising. Romney Outpaces GOP Pack in Fundraising – “Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney provided a jolt to the Republican presidential contest, reporting a haul of $21 million in the first three months of the year, as Sen. John McCain of Arizona posted a lackluster third-place finish that even his campaign manager called a disappointment.” Romney tops GOP in race for funds – “Mitt Romney reported raising nearly $21 million in the first quarter of 2007 for the Republican presidential primary, a formidable sum that makes him the top GOP fund-raiser so far and rivals the amount that Senator Hillary Clinton has netted this year for her Democratic primary battle.”

Another candidate. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado Enters G.O.P. Presidential Race – “Mr. Tancredo held no rallies and delivered no political speeches on his first day as an official candidate. Instead, he made his announcement on Iowa’s most prominent conservative radio talk show, saying he was entering the race because no other Republicans were going to make illegal immigration “the primary issue of their campaign.”

Darfur. Darfur peace force ‘needed now’ – “The African Union has called on Sudan to speed up plans for a new AU/UN peace force in Darfur where five Senegalese soldier were killed on Sunday.” Ban rips killing of AU troops in Darfur – “U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denounced the killing on Sunday of five African Union peacekeepers in northern Darfur, saying the attack underlines the need for an AU-U.N. hybrid force to calm Sudan’s tumultuous region.” U.N. Chief Seeks to Delay Sanctions Against Sudan– “U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon urged the United States and Britain to delay plans to press for sanctions against Sudan, saying he needs more time to persuade Khartoum to allow more U.N. peacekeepers into Darfur.”

Immigration. Oklahoma may target illegal immigrants and their employers – “Frustrated with the federal government’s response to illegal immigration, Oklahoma is poised to become the next state to pass a tough law targeting illegal immigrants and the businesses that employ them. A sweeping measure moving through the Legislature would deny welfare benefits, in-state college tuition rates and numerous state subsidies to those in the country illegally. It would also empower police to detain illegal immigrants and require businesses that do work for the state to prove that their employees are legally in the country.” Immigrant driver bill approved by House – “Illinois would become one of only a handful of states in the nation to authorize illegal immigrants to drive legally on their roads under legislation the Illinois House passed to create a special driver’s permit for undocumented residents.”

Climate change. Justices Say E.P.A. Has Power to Act on Harmful Gases– “In one of its most important environmental decisions in years, the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate heat-trapping gases in automobile emissions. The court further ruled that the agency could not sidestep its authority to regulate the greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change unless it could provide a scientific basis for its refusal. The 5-to-4 decision was a strong rebuke to the Bush administration,”

Detainees. Justices Won’t Hear Detainee Rights Cases — for Now – “A divided Supreme Court declined to consider fresh questions about the legal rights of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, rejecting an appeal by inmates there who are seeking access to federal courts to challenge their imprisonment as “enemy combatants.”

Opening day. Hope springs in dispatches from big-league openers – “Stars, surprises part of memorable opening day.”

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