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Apparently there was something about Jim’s tone in his last post that struck a nerve within the progressive faith blogosphere. From Pastor Dan:

…there’s a whole constellation of faithful people in the netroots who have been working these issues out while Jim Wallis has been insulting our secular allies. I think it’s terribly insulting to you all to have Wallis lecture Kos (and by extension the entire blogosphere) without even so much as a nod in your direction.

It’s not clear to me why addressing issues of liberal intolerance of religion, without mentioning all the good folks who are doing the good bridge-building work among progressives that Jim is asking for (including those, as Pastor Dan mentions, we promote in our blog roll), is a problem or an insult. Re-reading Jim’s post, I found the tone mostly conciliatory. So I’m genuinely confused by this response, but hereby give a shout-out to all progressive faith bloggers like Daily Kos’ own Street Prophets. We’re glad that lefty powerhouse blogs like Kos have given people of faith a home there. For a list of many of them, again, I recommend our blog roll. But I would like to offer comment on one minor point:

How about if you realize that there are other people in the religious grassroots working carefully and productively to make common cause with secular progressives – they’ve been doing it long before you came on the scene, and they’ll be doing long after we’re both gone – and how about if you save your patronizing lectures.

I’ll assume by “on the scene” he means the blog scene, to which I’ll admit we’re relatively new, and not always the most savvy. But Sojourners and Jim have been working hard among the religious grassroots since long before there was a blogosphere.

Ryan Beiler is the Web Editor for Sojourners/Call to Renewal.

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