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Jim Wallis is no stranger to The O’Reilly Factor, having appeared on the show several times over the past few years. Jim will be the first to tell you, you need to be on your toes and stand your ground.

Well, last night Bill O’Reilly bravely entered the domain of his satirical doppelgänger Stephen Colbert and got a heaping helping of his own medicine. (There was the occasional spoonful of sugar from Colbert: “Folks, we are ready to rumble. And by rumble I mean a friendly conversation between peers who respect each other and agree on everything.”) Let’s just say “Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly was at least 30% off his game – watch the clip for why that’s funny. Best lines:

Colbert: Let’s educate the people. What is the culture war, and why is it so important?

O’Reilly: Well, the culture war is between secular
progressives like yourself –

Colbert: – I am not a secular progressive,
sir. I’m a deeply religious man who will do anything you say.

. . .

O’Reilly: I’m not a tough guy – this is all an act.

Colbert: You’re breaking my heart, Bill.

O’Reilly: I’m sensitive –

Colbert: – If you’re an act, what am I?

Watch it (WARNING: This clip contains a shamelessly retouched photo of O’Reilly as a “San Francisco secular progressive” ):

Colbert actually appeared on O’Reilly’s show earlier the same day–less funny, since Bill was making more of the jokes, but he was also verrrrry courteous. Best line:

Colbert: I do my show a half-hour a night, four nights a week. I haven’t seen my kids for 18 months and I’m losing calcium in my bones. Doctors say I should stop–I’m not gonna. Okay. You go five nights a week, an hour a night, plus the radio Factor, Bill. What are you on? What gives you the strength? Jesus Christ, or Pat Robertson’s protein shakes?

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