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In order to send more troops to Iraq, the Pentagon is recalling many who have already served one or more tours. The human cost of that policy caught my eye in The Washington Post‘s Metro section this morning. This is what we’ve come to … the madness must end.

Reservist Due for Iraq Is Killed in Standoff With Police

Army Reservist James E. Dean had already served 18 months in Afghanistan when he was notified three weeks ago that he would be deployed to Iraq later this month. The prospect of returning to war sent the St. Mary’s County resident into a spiral of depression, a neighbor said.

Despondent about his orders, Dean barricaded himself inside his father’s home with several weapons on Christmas, threatening to kill himself. After a 14-hour standoff with authorities, Dean was killed yesterday by a police officer after he aimed a gun at another officer, police said.

Wanda Matthews, who lives next door to Dean’s father and said she thought of the younger man as a son, described him as a “very good boy.”

Matthews said Dean enjoyed hunting and fishing but had lost much of his enthusiasm for life when he found out that he was being deployed to Iraq. She said that she had not spoken to him since he was notified but that his father was extremely worried about Dean. “He was a good country boy,” she said.

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