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The story goes that a North American missionary went out one day to preach in a barrio of a Brazilian city. Taking John 3:16 as his text, he stood on the corner proclaiming the love of God for all people. […]

But you rise up against my people as an enemy; you strip the robe from the peaceful, <!– +fCn: Heb from before a garment+e –>from those who pass by trustingly with no thought of war.<!– 9 –>The women of my […]

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David Kuo is the author of a new book called Tempting Faith and was interviewed last night on 60 Minutes. Kuo could be a big problem for the Bush Administration, because he asserts that the famous White House “Faith-based Initiative” […]

In 2005, I wrote these words in an article called “Thank God for Journalists and News Professionals!” After the Holocaust, the world said, NEVER AGAIN! But then came Cambodia. Then came Rwanda. And now – Darfur, Sudan. Murder, rape, torture, […]