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Americans know what they want when it comes to cars. We love convertibles for example because it’s the open air. It’s part of our heritage. Americans love to travel, and we are the experts. We travel everywhere we go, otherwise, we wouldn’t get anywhere. We are the lineage of a people that were willing to die for an idea. You had to be a special breed of human to start America. People came in boats in the 16th century. Boats!

They traveled months through heavy seas and if you don’t think that was courageous, they brought their kids! Kids on a 6-month journey! I can’t travel 4 blocks with my kids and their whining w/o wanting to hit myself in the head with a hammer! Not the sea traveling kids, they didn’t complain. They threw up a lot, but they didn’t complain. Then the Eastern seaboard was created but that wasn’t enough for these visionaries. They traveled west to create this free Republic and got in covered wagons and went months and months through rugged terrain and the kids didn’t have ipods, or Iphones, or texting or snap chat or radios or rabies shots and the kids weren’t whining,” Are we there yet?” you know why? Because there WAS NO “THERE” YET! We are going to make a there.

Thus was born the greatest country the world has ever known. Was it hard? Yes, because we knew that hard was good. When a place is hard to get too, you appreciate it when you arrive. It’s also where we taught our lineage how to travel in the vehicles they trusted and liked.

Ford, that great American company made it affordable and practical to travel, they gave the people what they wanted. Now were trapped by government regulations on emissions, and environmentalist terrorism if you prefer a big, safe, SUV.

You want to teach kids to appreciate car travel? Here is an easy experiment. Make it dangerous to travel again! First thing we could do is get these airbags out of the cars. When I was growing up we had dashboards made out of metal. You got in a wreck, you paid for it! You were weeded out so the good drivers had more room. Now the people have bags for everything. It’s like a funhouse to get in a wreck in this country.

Kids nowadays look confused because they’ve never been in a bagless car. They thought cars always had bags, they thought the model T had bags. They weren’t as sophisticated just a pygmy with a paper sack. (Picture blowing up sack and holding it out). Kids don’t understand innovation. They have had bags and a mandatory seat belt. When I was growing up we set in the front seat, no bags, no belt, and you know what protected me? Mom’s arm. How many crash dummy tests did it take to realize this ain’t working?

Kids nowadays have been given bags, seatbelts and spent the first 6 years in the back seat in a 5 point harness car seat and they probably learned to ride a bike wearing a helmet the BIG BABIES. If I wore a helmet riding my bike my friends would have beaten me up! We are the lineage of a group of people that broke from the most powerful country of the 19th century to become the most powerful country in the 20th.

We have gone from a group of people that were taught if you work hard enough, get innovative and don’t complain you can be anything you want, TOO a group of people that now need signs warning them that coffee is hot! If you didn’t know coffee was hot..PUT A HELMET ON!!

We are Americans and know what we like. Car dealers represent us, not environmentalists and progressive ideologues. We like convertibles, fast cars, and the dealers know it! Let the people decide! Not only is it common sense, you might actually make a profit!

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