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Heard a guy whistling at the airport the other day. Americans used to whistle a lot more especially in movies. Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Cagney, Jimmy Stewart were all whistlers and it even seemed particularly masculine. I don’t know when whistling […]

How come every time we hear about someone getting cancer it’s usually framed under the  “courageous battle they’re fighting” banner? How are you being courageous simply by being diagnosed with a disease? The fact that you are searching for a […]

After many years as a “Christian comedian” I have often been asked if I thought God had a sense of humor? Well here are a couple examples where I would vote for the affirmative. In all my many years on […]

I signed a few autographs at a show the other day and it occurred to me what a bizarre ritual this is. Fellow humans want you to sign your name and give it to them as a remembrance of our […]