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 I just spent the last 10 days in southern CA
because if there is one thing I can’t get enough of its pretentiousness. No
matter how worldly and self-indulgent I am at times (as in I can’t count that
high) I have reconciled the fact that I am after all a sinner saved by grace.
The good news is I can always count on CA to help assuage some of my self-debasement
at failing Gods desire for my conformity to His will.

 How? Because in So Cal when it comes to pride and narcissism
even I can suddenly find myself bordering on sainthood. The flesh driven
conformity to the So Cal sub-culture is so absolute that it borders on cultish.

 First lets start with the fake boobs shall we. What in the
name of everything holy ever convinced a woman that filling plastic balloons
with salt water and having them surgically implanted inside her God-given
breasts was a good idea?  How
creepy does it get? We’re talking body augmentation that borders on butchery.

 Just the plain fact that this is purely a vanity call as
opposed to reparative surgery correcting disfigurement due to disease or a
really bad day running the band-saw should be enough to give a secure woman
pause. Are your breasts truly how you gauge your self worth? This is one of the
many areas where the feminist movement that is so ingrained in the psyche of
the 21st century American woman constantly drops the ball in my opinion.

instigated the concept of a women being independent and in no need of a man yet
they aren’t outraged by the fact that most of what women buy or “buy into” is
based on impressing a man. I guess try as they might the relativist still
doesn’t realize they cannot escape our natural proclivity to desire and seek
being desired by the opposite sex.

But if there is any concept most humans would
say is tantamount to healthy relationship its honesty. Body augmentation is
dishonest in that it tries to recreate the natural. Or in most cases pretend
the unnatural is real. It also teaches us that who we really are and what we
will become naturally must be manipulated to maintain not the dignity and
respect of maturity but instead the worship of bodily youth. There’s a
guaranteed losing proposition for you.

 Again there is a difference between exercise and healthy
lifestyle to help our aging become potentially less debilitating and refusing
to allow ourselves to outwardly reveal what we have inwardly learned, getting
older is not only natural, it’s beautiful. Well internally anyway, the body…not
so much. But so what? It’s called maturity for crying out loud.

course boobs are only a beginning. We have poison serum hypodermically injected
as a wrinkle eraser, inflatable lips and of course the classic face lift
because nothing looks more natural then the appearance of shoving your face through
a doggie door and getting stuck half way out the other side.

not saying men don’t have their own alteration fixation. Hair plugs, calf
implants and manicures are very real needs to the So Cal man but being a man
they aren’t nearly as crucial as a Porsche, American Express Platinum, and a
skybox. Men have learned that cash and power makes any man a model and gets you
all the babes you want. Look at Marilyn Manson

next time you start getting down on yourself for feeling less holy or too self
centered do yourself a favor. Pray that God would help you in your quest to be
less flesh driven and more conformed to His likeness. If that seems too
laborious you can always head to Southern California where shallowness is an
art form while the rest of America is still painting by numbers.

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