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An UnStable Craving for God: Do We Want God to USE us, or are we USING God to get what we want

posted by chadhovind

An Unstable Craving I was so convicted to realize that often I say I want God, but I am really using God to get what I want.    When God doesn’t give me what I want: A happy marriage, obedient […]

God give me FEET for my PATH, not a PATH for my FEET

posted by chadhovind

If you have never learned about the Ibex, this video is stunning and very helpful in understanding the Psalms’ prayer that God would give him hind’s feet.   Introduction: Wasn’t that video from the BBC video amazing.   Deer that can […]

Safari: How to overcome Anxiety by Parrotting Truth to Yourself

posted by chadhovind

Parrot God’s Control to Yourself Parrots repeat back to you what you tell them.  Worry is like that. Worry is a parrot telling you what you already know.  Things are bad… “Things are bad.”   I don’t know what tomorrow holds… […]

Safari: The Sparrows Know How Not to Worry

posted by chadhovind

We had a giant python at our church for our safari series.  We were learning lessons God had for those who looked for Him in His creation. Sparrows Know God Watches Over Them. Matthew 6: 24 “No one can serve […]

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Those Three Little Words That Strengthen a Marriage... "Can't Afford It."
Four powerful words: "We Can't Afford It." These are words that are lobotomized out of the vocabulary of insatiable materialism and politicians. Instead of admitting that we as a nation can't afford helpful, but expensive programs; we keep spending. (Both Democrats and Republicans Spend, Spend, Sp

posted 5:59:00am Feb. 25, 2014 | read full post »

Glenn Beck, Capitalism, and the Bible
I had an opportunity to speak with Glenn Beck recently about the Biblical case for free market capitalism.  Here is a clip. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DFO7mCdkx0[/youtube] I was reading the book of Ruth again this week and struck by God's powerful record of Godly business men.

posted 6:48:57am Feb. 20, 2014 | read full post »

Godonomics in Action: Boaz the Conservative Liberal?
In the Old Testament, Ruth chapter 2, we see a great example of Godonomics. His name is Boaz, a rather wealthy land owner. 1 "There was a relative of Naomi’s husband, a man of great wealth, of the family of Elimelech" He is such a successful producer that he is able to both hire lots of empl

posted 6:41:00am Feb. 16, 2014 | read full post »

God and Money: Why Work Can Be Filled With Purpose
   Here is a recent sermon describing how we can all worship through our work, without worshipping our work 09/02/12 "Uncovering the Entrepreneur" (Chad Hovind) The Gift of Work At the heart of Godonomics is the value and God-given joy of work. Work and labor are gifts from God. He has

posted 5:33:28am Feb. 10, 2014 | read full post »

Godonomics says, "We should NOT be our brothers' keeper"
About once or twice a month, a politician or religious leader pulls out the ole, "The Bible tells us to be our brother's keeper."  The problem is ... Being your brother's keeper is not only NOT prescribed in the Scriptures; it's almost a textbook definition of codependency.  I'd encourage anyone

posted 7:54:26am Feb. 02, 2014 | read full post »

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