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Remember those crazy preachers with a blow horn in one hand and a Bible in the other? They had some board strapped across them proclaiming the end of the world is near. They made predictions Jesus would come back in […]

Uncle Sam has finally hit the wall. After years of intoxicated binges on borrowing and inflating, the US government has hit the new debt ceiling. There are many theories and predictions as to the consequences of not raising the amount […]

Fox News had an article suggesting that Jesus would have strong words to say about the debt debate. Since the article was shot, I’ll quote it before I respond. Congressman Charles Rangel , D-NY, doesn’t know exactly what Jesus would […]

The Bible gives alot of practical wisdom about money. It offers us a Plan “A” to get on the right track as well as Plan “B” and “C” to make his way back from the bumpy mistakes we may have […]

Will-E Coyote had incentive: a Roadrunner Stew, but he never had to face the consequences of falling off that cliff. Sure, he’d fall 100 stories and a puff of air would replace his outline; but in the next scene he […]

Osama is dead. Obama is celebrating. Mother’s day is just around the corner. What a roller coaster of emotions. Mother’s day is a lot like this week. One moment you are laughing at a child’s funny moment, the next moment […]

Detroit Legos April 15th 919576776001 Third Party Purchase Shoe box Belize Boat Money Greg Brady Lawyer Hotel Neighbor Gas Game Greed 1st and Second Party Purchase Can You Tell God What To Do? Heaven, Suffering, and Incarnation ***************************************************************** Karl Marx […]

How to Face a Dead Zombie Lion of Temptation.  When Faced With Temptation, Say to Yourself or EVEN out loud, “THIS LOOKS LIKE HONEY, BUT IT’S ACTUALLY A DEAD CARCASS!!”    This will cut through the lies. This phrase will […]