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In a fantasy land, known as deecee, deecee There lived powerful leaders who took life quite easy They feasted and feasted like pondiverous pigs When it came to decisions, they could zag and zig They had eaten themselves out of […]

This week, I spoke about Mormonism, Christianity, and Liberation Theology. Check out the MP3 here. Here is a video of me speaking with a Muslim scholar about differences between Christianity and the Muslim religion

I got an opportunity to interview a local business leader practicing Godonomics.    He built a business to not only provide jobs, but provide jobs for the poorest of poor in Cincinnati.  He works with local missions to help those […]

There are certain words that seem weak. Words like Compassion, Authenticity, or Gentleness.  These do not seem like “Leadership words!”   They invoke painful stereotypes of being forced to “talk about our feelings” in a counseling office, or be treated like […]

There are two skills that every child MUST develop and be trained in. They must learn how to APPEAL and SURRENDER well.  Last week, we talked about how to “yield” to authority, and how to teach our kids to respect […]

DANGER: TEACHING CONSEQUENCES AND REWARDS Parenting is hard. It is difficult. Trying to wrestle with the challenge of balancing grace and truth with your individual children’s personalities and temperaments is a real challenge.  All the while, children are brilliant at […]

Extended families are interesting. I grew up in a great family with my father Ross, a public school teacher who was the favorite teacher of generations of 5th-6th graders and my mom Diane, a strong business savvy Leader with a […]

     This political season, some fear donkeys, some elephants, and others rhinos; but it’s pigs we must keep our eyes on. Animal Farm warned us that Pigs are those political leaders that think “all are equal, but some are […]

A mother turns to her 8 year old son, “Did you drink milk out of the carton again?” “No mom, I didn’t drink out of the milk carton. You told me never to do that.”  “Why are there breadcrumbs floating […]