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An Unstable Craving I was so convicted to realize that often I say I want God, but I am really using God to get what I want.    When God doesn’t give me what I want: A happy marriage, obedient […]

If you have never learned about the Ibex, this video is stunning and very helpful in understanding the Psalms’ prayer that God would give him hind’s feet.   Introduction: Wasn’t that video from the BBC video amazing.   Deer that can […]

Parrot God’s Control to Yourself Parrots repeat back to you what you tell them.  Worry is like that. Worry is a parrot telling you what you already know.  Things are bad… “Things are bad.”   I don’t know what tomorrow holds… […]

We had a giant python at our church for our safari series.  We were learning lessons God had for those who looked for Him in His creation. Sparrows Know God Watches Over Them. Matthew 6: 24 “No one can serve […]

A few weeks ago, our church went to the birds, including me wearing a bird brain head.   We spoke about how the birds from how to trust in God better than we humans do.   When I was around […]

A few weeks ago, Josh McDowell spoke at our church.  he shared how his research and journey from Atheist to Christ-follower began as he engaged his mind in the undeniable facts of history regarding the predictions and fulfillment of prophecy regarding the […]

A Roman centurion -a skeptic and questioner- watches Jesus Christ die on a Roman cross.   This man has seen a lot of death in his day — a lot of pain and a lot of men die pleading and crying […]

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Everytime we are faced with temptation, we choose to Trust, or put our faith in one Lion or the Other.    If Integrity is “doing what’s right as God defines right regardless of the circusmtances…” Then we will have a moment […]