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  Recently I shared a seven part series about God’s call to help the forgotten, poor, and downtrodden. 03/04/12 “Who Sees?” (Chad Hovind)     When you think about all the needs in the world, it’s hard to not get overwhelmed. […]

As we move into chapter five, let’s backtrack briefly. So far, we have examined the Bible in chronological order from Genesis to Malachi in the Old Testament (the part of the Bible before Jesus comes on the scene, covering the […]

The Bible is Too Niavely Optimistic Most religions have a way of elevating yourself. Usually it is some version of good deeds. In Buddhism you get enlightenment. In Islam you follow the 7 pillars. In Judaism you keep the law. […]

Jesus came into the darkness. And He didn’t come as a king or warrior or prince. He didn’t come to the big city, the palaces, or the triumphal places. No!  He comes to the forgotten places. He comes to the […]

Today was a long day. It began with a phone call to a father who sobbed over the phone as we disguised final funeral arrangements. His 17 year old son passed away a few days earlier. I met Mitch back […]