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There is a difference between a “group project” and helping one another out.   As an honor student in high school, I was often asked by my teacher to help out a student struggling in class with a particular concept. I […]

“Karl Marx was angry, hate-filled, quarrelsome, neglectful of his family, lazy, and violent. He suffered from hideous carbuncles in part because he almost never bathed. He spent almost all his time at home or in libraries, and almost none where […]

There was a man whose father was Nate Saint. He was a Christian and a famous martyr who died when his son was young by a group of natives in Ecuador who murdered him.  His wife went back into that […]

Everyone is selling everything today in the stock. Nothing is spared: Stocks, Precious Metals, Currencies, Etc.  The Dow is Down over 400. It looks really bad for everything.   What is Going On? For years, through both Democrat and Republican administrations, […]

George Washington died the same way America’s economy is dying: he was bled to death by his doctors. As George’s symptoms got worse, his doctors siphoned out another pint of blood–believing his bad blood was the problem. With every pint […]