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When God is enough, when He is your source of sufficiency, you are content that He has provided for your needs. Rather than becoming codependent on others, you are energized to steward your life to God and depend on Him […]

        Does the Bible have anything to say about the times we live in today? Often Biblical prophecy experts weave together charts and diagrams about the end times, leaving everyone shaking in their boots with fear. The Bible […]

The Bible addresses money, liberty, government, and even issues like… the debt ceiling.    Whether its Washington D.C. or a family budget, all of us need to deal with our own overspending. Many are surprised at how relevant the Bible is […]

Here’s a video on “Money, Greed and Spiritual Lies” “Where’s the Beef?” says the old woman as she pulls up the hamburger bun. “Where’s America’s Savings?” says the economist looking at US trends. Why aren’t we saving more? Why do […]

Gas prices are averaging over $4 a gallon nation wide. This summer promises to reach over $5 as economic uncertainty, continual federal printing, and economic uncertainty push the value of the dollar down. As the dollar goes down, gas goes […]