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A mother turns to her 8 year old son, “Did you drink milk out of the carton again?” “No mom, I didn’t drink out of the milk carton. You told me never to do that.”  “Why are there breadcrumbs floating […]

        Does the Bible have anything to say about the times we live in today? Often Biblical prophecy experts weave together charts and diagrams about the end times, leaving everyone shaking in their boots with fear. The Bible […]

Bill Cunningham interviewed me recently on his radio show asking about God’s perspective on economics.  Here is what I said. For more information, check out the first 30 minute video of Godonomics free at  

Uncle Sam has finally hit the wall. After years of intoxicated binges on borrowing and inflating, the US government has hit the new debt ceiling. There are many theories and predictions as to the consequences of not raising the amount […]

There is talk all over the news about the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the amount the US government is allowed to borrow. If we reach the “ceiling” or limit, we have to stop borrowing so much money and […]

What would God say to F.D.R?  The same thing He would say to you and I.   It’s the same thing He’d say to politicians today, and the same thing He’d say to George Bush and Barack Obama… What’s the […]

When i was a kid, School House Rock played a huge part of my edjamacation…. I mean education. Well, no ones perfect, right. I learned through song about government, “I’m just a bill up on Capital Hill.” I learned about […]

The Bible teaches us alot about money and making good financial decisions. One of my favorite theologians is Greg Brady. 🙂 I learned Latin for the first time on the Brady Bunch: “Caveat emptor” meaning “Let the buyer beware”. I […]

Here’s a video on “Money, Greed and Spiritual Lies” “Where’s the Beef?” says the old woman as she pulls up the hamburger bun. “Where’s America’s Savings?” says the economist looking at US trends. Why aren’t we saving more? Why do […]

Biblical teaching about economics goes deep into our heart. The Bible says that until we place God at the center of our lives, and acknowledge that He is the source of our approval and identity, we will constantly be chasing […]