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Everyone is selling everything today in the stock. Nothing is spared: Stocks, Precious Metals, Currencies, Etc.  The Dow is Down over 400. It looks really bad for everything.   What is Going On? For years, through both Democrat and Republican administrations, […]

Every mother and father knows the moment of anticipation and terror when our children open a birthday gift from a friend or family member and forget to say thank you. What is worse is when our children blurt out, “I […]

Prepare your budget for rising gas prices.   Some experts predict the price will rise to $5 or $6 a gallon by the end of summer.   This price is not only painful for the typical family but has a […]

George Washington died the same way America’s economy is dying: he was bled to death by his doctors. As George’s symptoms got worse, his doctors siphoned out another pint of blood–believing his bad blood was the problem. With every pint […]

Imagine getting up from the Lazy Boy and finding out half your possessions have been “escorted” out the back window as you watched American Idol. Some clever thief took your prize treasures–right under your nose. How do you feel? Angry? […]

My father used to say, “one mans garbage is another mans gold.”   He taught us as kids to be resourceful, creative, and find ways to make a lot out of a little.    There are many examples in the Bible of […]

God wants to develop our internal Navigation as well as help you develop you children’s. A well trained conscience helps a child know right from wrong, keep from being governed by their appetites (anger, overspending, greed, lust, etc), and how […]

One of the benefits of a budget and a commitment to “spend less than you make” is developing resourcefulness.   My father was a master at teaching this to my brother, sister, and me.  He was and is a modern […]

How do you find economic and inner freedom?   How do you get ahead? How do you wrastle (that’s wrastle, not wrestle, if you say it with a southern accent it helps) the squealing pig of a budget and your spending.  Budgeting […]

If a child is to have his heart trained, he needs to know “why” a principle or virtue is true.  A child needs to know why saving, working, and generous giving is critical. A child needs to learn to cherish […]