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Why is unemployment so high? Why hasn’t it gotten better? Why haven’t the national credit card of TARP, Stimulus funds, bail-outs, and buy-outs made the situation any better?   It’s not Obama’s fault nor Bush’s fault.  Or another way to […]

I’ve pastored churches that had “red-state” leanings as well as “blue-state” leanings.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet folks like Mike Huckabee and Jimmy Carter.    I had breakfast with Mike Huckabee this year after the two of us were […]

Godonomics teaches the importance of concepts like property rights, incentive, and liberty.   As you search the Scriptures, you see constant references to these important pillars of freedom.  God outlines them in the ten commandments as He teaches His people […]

Ever feel like Christmas has become too commercialized?  It’s more about getting than giving? This is the second Christmas since Beth’s grandmother passed away.  She was a woman of few words.  She served others to show her love. She grew […]

One more Biblical Reason why human rights and civil rights are so key to Christianity: The idea that life is sacred. and life begins not only at conception, but before conception is also found in the story of Christmas. Luke […]

What God would say to Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, who controls the US banking system. This privately owned bank has more influence over our economy and our money than any other single entity in America. Yet, it is […]

This used to be common sense. The benefits of free markets and smaller governments benefit everyone: Democrats, Republicans, Business, Unions, etc.  When freedom is the priority and the rule of law is kept, there can be freedom and justice for […]

My mom was brilliant, and she still is. She has a relational I.Q. that is out of this world. She can sense when someone needs encouragement. She knows when there is something fishy going on. She has found a way […]

I read  a fascinating article about how Christ’s liberty, the Gospel, and the Four Spiritual Laws began the peaceful revolution against communion in Poland.  This underground and peaceful revolution undermined the lies of socialism, communism, and Marxism.  While the Gospel […]

“Karl Marx was angry, hate-filled, quarrelsome, neglectful of his family, lazy, and violent. He suffered from hideous carbuncles in part because he almost never bathed. He spent almost all his time at home or in libraries, and almost none where […]