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The time of the Judges was rife with struggle and pain, but a love story bloomed in the middle of the difficult time. The book of Ruth tells of a woman named Naomi who ran. Naomi was angry at God […]

Joshua began the attack by crossing the Jordan River. The priests stepped into the river with the Ark of the Covenant and the water stopped flowing, creating a path for the whole community. After crossing the river, Joshua told his […]

God instructed His people with a great Law. He taught them right and wrong, while emphasizing their continual need for forgiveness. The Law was spelled out in Exodus and Leviticus showing that God is perfect and holy. Holiness is a […]

Israel (Jacob) loved his family dearly, but he showed favoritism toward his son Joseph, much to the frustration of the other eleven. He gave Joseph a beautiful multicolored coat. Joseph’s brothers ambushed him in the fields one day, sold him to Egyptian […]

The following generations decided to build a tower to heaven instead of trusting God. This monument to themselves was a tangible example of their continued rebelliousness. (Archaeologists have found evidence of this kind of tower, which they call a ziggurat.) The people refused […]

  The first book of the Bible is called Genesis, and it’s about beginnings. Genesis describes how God created the Heavens, the universe, and the Earth in seven days. He created the animals and mankind. The Bible says Heavens because […]