Everyone heard about Snuffoluffagus, but no one ever saw him.  He reminds me of the debt ceiling.  You hear about the limit to Washington DC’s spending but we never actually see the ceiling.   Every time we get near it is raised.


We’re told that we don’t raise the debt ceiling we will not be able to pay our bills.   The reality is polar opposite. Because we cannot pay our bills, we must raise the debt ceiling to borrow more.


it’s like an alcoholic who keeps wanting more alcohol so he doesn’t experience withdrawal symptoms.   Sometimes the pain of the withdrawal in the short term is the best thing for long-term health.


The Bible teaches that there is oil and treasure in the dwelling of the rich while the fool spends everything he has.


When the wise man talks about savings and thrift and cutting back, it makes the fool mad and he is a blaming the actual solution to his problems.


Let’s not raise the debt ceiling and see if it actually exists.

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