June 2013 Archives

A couple of months ago, almost 1200 volunteers, children, families, and neighbors from our church packed over 318,000 meals for starving children around the world. This outpouring was motivated by the grace of God to minister to Christ Himself because […]

Many people wonder what religion they are. Beliefnet has a slick tool for figuring it out called the belief-o-matic. If you want a shorter and simpler version before trying that out, this little quiz might help. Our church has been […]

  In 2008, I launched a new series at our church called Godonomics.   That same month an emotional hurricane hit my house. We had adopted my son Quinn a few months earlier.  We met his birthmother almost a year […]

  I remember when the “Terminator” decided to make his last comeback with “End of Days” back in 1999. By flipping the numbers 666 upside down and adding a “1” we were told that the end of days was in […]

  I’ve been an illusionist for years. I love reading books about magicians, their showmanship, and secrets to their illusions. One of the greatest illusions is greed. It disguises itself as “being smart,” “planning ahead,” and “getting a great deal.” […]

  You can learn alot at a garage sale. You can teach your family valuable life lessons at a garage sale.  I once sold all my Star Wars collection (now worth a fortune) at a garage sale for pennies on […]

In The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith expounds on the importance of self interest. He shows that when an individual pursues self-sufficiency, he indirectly promotes the good of society: “by pursuing his own interest, [the individual] frequently promotes that of […]

  On summer break children and grandchildren will travel across the countryside to go visit grandma and grandpa. As we gather together, or travel on vacation together; there will be a lot of down time as well. Often the challenges […]

  As we think back on the holidays, many of us will think of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree- -remembering a time when “less-is-more” could be more meaningful. We might even remember Linus and Lucy reading from Luke 2 as we […]