Everytime we are faced with temptation, we choose to Trust, or put our faith in one Lion or the Other.    If Integrity is “doing what’s right as God defines right regardless of the circusmtances…” Then we will have a moment of trust.  Do I trust God’s way of defining right?  Is it really honey?  Is trusting his way worth it ‘regardless of the circumstances?”

In Joshua 1:8, Joshua uses an Onemonepia to describe what a man who wants to defeat temptation looks like.   He says:

8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it.

The word Meditate is the word Hagaaaaaaa.  It is a phrase used to sound like the sound of a lion chewing up, tearing about, and devouring it’s prey. Haaaaagaaaaaa. Rip, tear, devour.   God wants us to have such an appetite for truth, His truth, his way, that we devour it like a Lion.

 This is exactly what Jesus did when he was tempted.  He was tempted in every way.  Temptation came to him with honey promising him the riches of the world to bow down before him and turn from God.  Temptation came with fear, telling jesus he woudl starve if he didn’t do what he said.  Temptation came with lies that God wasn’t good and needed to prove himself… And every time, Jesus tasted the honey of God’s word and outloud said, “It is written…”  Meaning I will put my faith and confidence in God’s definition of right and wrong…  More than that, he called this Lying Lion for who he was.    He may have said, “this looks like honey, but is actually a Dead Rotting Carcas…

Live in Light of the Lions.

1. Identify ONE Zombie Lion who is lying to you.   (fear, worry, self hatred, lust, anger, over spending, compromise, greed, etc)  And I want you to try this week, whenever that issue comes up, say to yourself, “This looks like honey, but is actually a dead carcass!”  Then…

2. Identify ONE WORD OF HONEY FROM THE LION   Find the one area that you struggle with… the temptation you face, and pick one verse from the Bible that you can use to fight this lion.   I did this years ago. I listed all the lions that attack me, and I googled, Bible verses about anger… Bible verses about money.. .Bible verses about using your tongue… And I memorized One verse for the issue I struggled with.   I want you to do the same.  Find ONE verse. Google one Bible passage.   

 Because if you do, You will avoid the pain of seeing your inner life, faith, family, and future devoured by a lion, and you’ll begin to see the power within your inner life come alive as christ begins to fight for you as you give confidence to him.

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