It was an area like this that Abraham and his wife took in strangers that turned out to be angels.



Abraham say guests coming and was delighted to entertain and provide for strangers. That’s just what you do.   He ran to his wife Sarah and asked her to make… SIXTY POUNDS of FLOUR.   This was a shocking amount of food. A sign of both Abraham’s generosity and his prosperity.   He also gave to these strangers not just for one meal, but dozens of meals to come.     Jesus will allude to this in the Prodigal son story when the Father throws a party for his younger son, inviting him back into the Beth Ab (the community of the family).
When Jesus shows up in Biblical times and tells us that “Whatever you’ve done unto the least of these, you have done unto me…”  He is encouraging us to be a city gate, a community for those who are outsiders.



While we travelled Israel, we had 60 people in our community who loved us, cared for us, asked about us, and wrestled together with our call to be God’s source of love and joy to a hurting world.

Who have we been helping recently that might result in Jesus saying, “Thanks for caring for me. Loving on me. Giving to me. Visiting me in prison.”





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