Imagine getting up from the Lazy Boy and finding out half your possessions have been “escorted” out the back window as you watched American Idol. Some clever thief took your prize treasures–right under your nose. How do you feel? Angry? Upset? Do you have some degree of admiration for the cleverness of the robber?

Well, I have news. More than half your buying power has been stolen by the Federal Reserve. Starting back in 1913, Woodrow Wilson started printing money, and with every dollar put into circulation, the rest of the dollars sank in value. Since its inception, the U.S. Government has devalued the dollar by over 90%. What does that mean? Imagine every three 1 dollar bills in your wallet magically changed into a $100 bill. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Well, the opposite has happened. Your Franklin’s have been changed into Washington’s, through the clever robbery of inflation. Right under our nostrils, our money lost its value…but how?

Let’s start with the basics: prices have been going up because of inflation. You now need more of your “less valuable” money to buy the same house, ice cream cone, or car that used to cost less. The same scoop of ice cream that cost my grandpa a nickel, cost me a quarter, and now costs my children over a dollar. This is not because the ice cream costs more, but because the dollars are worth less. Someone behind the scenes is monkeying with the money supply.

Throughout the Biblical Proverbs, God says He loves just weights, sound money,and fair dealings. He also says that unjust weighs are an abomination (strong words). If inflation drives prices up and is on God’s no-no list, why do we do it?
The logic goes like this. We must help the poor…. but we are broke. So we print our own money and begin passing it out to those in need. As the facets of currency begin to flow, everyone’s money is devalued. And that hurts everyone, but ironically, it hurts the poor the most. Why? It is because they had the least amount to begin with. This is the problem economists call “unintended consequences.” Now, the poor are in even more trouble…so, we print some more. This is called insane thinking: doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result. It’s like hiring the thief that robbed you last time to be your new night watchman. Hmmmm. Looks like trouble is ahead for us.
Gold is hitting record highs. Gold is the dashboard lights of inflation screaming in its best Ricky Ricardo voice, “LUCY!!! Lucy, you got some explaining to do!” We need to stop spending, stop printing, and stop borrowing!  If we don’t stop, we’ll soon see your pistons shoot through your hood — through what economists call hyper-inflation.

If you need some evidence, look at the economy of Zimbabwe, the German economy at the end of World War 2 (just before it collapsed), or you can watch the country of Greece today. My Big Fat Greek Wedding has been bailed out by the EU, which partly includes American money. Yes, yes, I know you didn’t attend the wedding, but you are paying for it. It’s like the socialism value meal. A person orders whatever they want, and the person behind them pays.

The country of Greece is our future. Greece is to Europe what California will soon be to the United States. Greece is a poster child for why socialism, over-spending, and over-promising doesn’t work. California, Michigan, and Illinois are the American stepchildren who are soon to follow suit. God wants just and sound money.

Deut 25:13-16
13 Thou shalt not have in thy bag divers weights, a great and a small.
14 Thou shalt not have in thine house divers measures, a great and a small.
15 But thou shalt have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure shalt thou have: that thy days may be lengthened in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
16 For all that do such things, and all that do unrighteously, are an abomination unto the LORD thy God. (KJV)

Prov 11:1
1 A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is His delight. (KJV)

Prov 20:23
23 Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good. (KJV)

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