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Baptism is a celebration of God’s work as the cosmic lifeguard.   Baptism is a public chance to thank God for rescuing us from drowning in our own self-centered lives. A writer of the Psalms said it this way: Psalms […]

The average divorce process requires multiple years and costs from several hundred on up to several thousand dollars. There are additional costs as well.  The new costs of a new rental or mortgage payment for a separated spouse as well as […]

My daughter and son have both done some acting. Nothing big, but a few commercials. They’ve been learning how to be teachable, take direction, and earn money. My son is twelve and my daughter is fourteen. They are both learning […]

There was a man whose father was Nate Saint. He was a Christian and a famous martyr who died when his son was young by a group of natives in Ecuador who murdered him.  His wife went back into that […]

II. Modify Your Parenting Bend Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) Train Up by Stimulating Natural Instincts The Hebrew word hanakh means “to […]

Everyone is selling everything today in the stock. Nothing is spared: Stocks, Precious Metals, Currencies, Etc.  The Dow is Down over 400. It looks really bad for everything.   What is Going On? For years, through both Democrat and Republican administrations, […]

God offers something to you and I that we need. He offers us loving emotional closeness and trust. PLUS He offers us the structure, discipline, and framework of correction.  Many of us turned away from God and church because we […]

The Rich need to glory in the Gospel, not their goodies James has advice for the rich. He writes, “But the one who is rich should take pride in his low position …” (James 1:10). Who are these rich James […]

DANGER: TEACHING CONSEQUENCES AND REWARDS Parenting is hard. It is difficult. Trying to wrestle with the challenge of balancing grace and truth with your individual children’s personalities and temperaments is a real challenge.  All the while, children are brilliant at […]

Extended families are interesting. I grew up in a great family with my father Ross, a public school teacher who was the favorite teacher of generations of 5th-6th graders and my mom Diane, a strong business savvy Leader with a […]