Does the Bible have anything to say about the times we live in today? Often Biblical prophecy experts weave together charts and diagrams about the end times, leaving everyone shaking in their boots with fear. The Bible says, God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but a Spirit of Liberty. God promises freedom, peace, and joy in the midst of difficulty and uncertainty. How can this be? God promises that He offers the one thing that really matters and cannot be taken away. He gives us a new identity, secure in the work of Christ; regardless of what the future holds.

       God gives us the anchoring points to weather any storm. He also loves us enough to warn us when difficult days are ahead. In fact, the Bible says we should expect difficulty.

In 1 Peter, God tells us “not to be surprised when a fiery trial comes upon us.” Jesus told us that “In this world you will have tribulation.” Why is it that I am always surprised when tough times come my way? I think most of us are. Too often our happiness and joy are tied to our circumstances, rather than the anchoring point of God’s presence and new identity in Christ. These are the two things that stand strong even in the midst of relational, family, or financial struggle. 

       Many are hopeful that “things will get better soon” and “America is about to turn the corner.”
        Though I am an optimist by nature, any casual observation shows that our consumer based, over spending, over borrowing, and over inflating bubble economy is still in deep trouble. Solving the problem by doing more of the same is not a solution, it’s more of the problem.

The Bible doesn’t tell us when Christ will return, but does give us clear signs. Some of them are even economic. The Bible teaches that in the future is a seven year period of time when God will allow a king to lead the world according to its own foolish wisdom. (Political, Economic, and Moral Foolishness) The results will be devastating. What’s fascinating is to see the economic tsunami that sets up the rise to power of the Anti-Christ. His rise to power is preceded by a massive, worldwide time of hyperinflation, when you will work all day for a “denarius” and only be able to buy a loaf of bread. (Rev 6:6.) 
        Unexpected events, combined with massive printing of world currency, collapses the system– setting up a dictator who has a much better idea. This global financial collapse sets up his reign in the same way the over spending, printing, and borrowing of the Wiemar Republic set the stage for Adolph Hitler. They tried to print their way out of debt, and instead destroyed their currency, bankrupted their nation, and created a dependency for leadership and direction–even if it came from the snake himself.

Jesus may have said, “in this world you will have tribulation,” but He also said, “Take heart I have overcome the world.” He loves us enough to warn us about the future. He cares enough to give us principles to serve a nation, an economy, and a personal budget. He gives us a confidence that is not dependent on circumstances. BUT… if nations choose to act foolishly, ignoring God’s financial advice… He will give them over to those bad decisions. 
      Whether the events in Revelation happen next week, or next century, the past few years show us how fragile the economic system is. It reminds us that what happened in 2008 in America could easily happen in the future as pictured in Rev. 6. More importantly, He calls us to put our confidence not in wishful thinking, pretty circumstances, or tidy comforts, but in the security of His love and adoption through Christ. 
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