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God wants to develop our internal Navigation as well as help you develop you children’s. A well trained conscience helps a child know right from wrong, keep from being governed by their appetites (anger, overspending, greed, lust, etc), and how […]

One of the benefits of a budget and a commitment to “spend less than you make” is developing resourcefulness.   My father was a master at teaching this to my brother, sister, and me.  He was and is a modern […]

How do you find economic and inner freedom?   How do you get ahead? How do you wrastle (that’s wrastle, not wrestle, if you say it with a southern accent it helps) the squealing pig of a budget and your spending.  Budgeting […]

If a child is to have his heart trained, he needs to know “why” a principle or virtue is true.  A child needs to know why saving, working, and generous giving is critical. A child needs to learn to cherish […]

I love my son Javan.  He is about to be 12.  He is one of the most tender-hearted, creative thinker, and hilarious people I know.   This year we decided to move to a new house and with that, we were […]

We can’t turn on the news today without hearing questions about the economy. We hear words like socialism, capitalism, deficit spending, and devaluation of the dollar. What does it all mean? Does God address these modern economic issues at all? […]

God loves His children and longs to parent them. He longs to impart His Wisdom to their hearts. He longs to help them fall in love with Him.  God teaches us about faith, finances, and our future. The Bible offers a […]

What is the real cause of the United States Budget Crisis? What are the solutions? The Red States are calling for tax cuts. The Blue States are calling for increased unemployment. Both are ignoring the elephant in the room. Imagine […]

A mother turns to her 8 year old son, “Did you drink milk out of the carton again?” “No mom, I didn’t drink out of the milk carton. You told me never to do that.”  “Why are there breadcrumbs floating […]

Remember those crazy preachers with a blow horn in one hand and a Bible in the other? They had some board strapped across them proclaiming the end of the world is near. They made predictions Jesus would come back in […]