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ABC News reports that Rudy Giuliani spoke to a Hispanic evangelical congregation this morning in Miami, apparently his first church visit of the race: Saying that “faith can transform lives,” Giuliani told parishioners that running for president of the United […]

Click To Play When God-o-Meter saw Rudy Giuliani sitting Mike Huckabee-like by a Christmas tree and donning a Huckabeesque red sweater in his new “Holiday Wishes” ad, it naturally thought Giuliani was copping a play from the former Arkansas Governor’s […]

Sure, the socially moderate Rudy Giuliani has tweaked his social positions to appeal to religious conservatives. He’s come out in support for parental notification laws on abortion and for the Hyde amendment, which bars federal funding of abortions. But God-o-Meter […]

Does it strike anyone other than God-o-Meter as ironic that the Republican candidate most at odds with religious conservatives has a strict moral sensibility shaped by a serious Catholic upbringing? This week’s Newsweek profile of Rudy Giuliani makes a few […]

God-o-Meter has said it before. But it may have more political punch coming from Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, one of the most influential religious conservatives in Washington. In an op-ed in today’s Politico, Perkins notes that there’s a […]

Newsweek reports that a small, orthodox subset of the Catholic vote is mobilizing against Rudy Giuliani. Not much new there, but God-o-Meter thought the vows of various Catholic bishops’ vows to deny Giuliani the Eucharist were noteworthy, particularly after last […]

The battle among GOP candidates vying for Christian right allegiance is taking another surprise turn with Rudy Giuliani picking up the endorsement of 700 Club host Pat Robertson. Here is Robertson’s statement as released by the Giuliani campaign: It is […]

God-o-Meter doesn’t know whether to say that it’s shocked or that it told you so: a new poll from The Pew Research Center shows that 55-percent of all Republican evangelical voters would consider backing a third-party candidate in a presidential […]

Culture warrior Gary Bauer seems to throw down the gauntlet on Rudy Giuliani in this morning’s Politico, claiming that A) Giuliani’s rightward shift on abortion is a flip-flop and B) he needs to do a lot more to improve his […]

Rudy Giuliani may not be courting conservative evangelical activists like James Dobson or Tony Perkins, but he is reaching out to the religious conservatives in the GOP presidential pack. Days after sitting down for a long talk with ex-candidate Sam […]