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God-o-Meter hadn’t realized there was a groundswell of Muslim support for Ron Paul, but that is the case, according to Ali Eteraz at I have noticed that the amount of fervor that Ron Paul has inspired among Muslims has […]

Outspokenly against the war and out of step with his party on much else–his support for tying American currency to the gold standard or for abolishing the Department of Education, for example–Ron Paul is typically portrayed as the libertarian bomb […]

Here it is, a few days later than promised: God-o-Meter’s sit-down with Ron Paul. GOM has to run, but will have more to say on this later. Suffice it to say that Paul’s rating will go up. One quick nugget: […]

God-o-Meter won’t be able to post its Ron Paul interview till Wednesday, because it needs to post its interview with Barack Obama tomorrow, but it sounds like the Texas congressman may make news tomorrow in Washington with a likely endorsement […]

A few days ago, God-o-Meter mentioned it was on its way to interview Ron Paul at his Bob Jones University appearance. That interview fell through, but GOM sat down with Paul yesterday in Charleston for an illuminating chat about the […]

Ron Paul, the candidate who recently quoted Sinclair Lewis’s line that “when fascism comes to this country it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross,” is speaking at the fundamentalist Bob Jones University this evening. God-o-Meter will try […]

On Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends today, Ron Paul answered a question about whether Mike Huckabee’s new Christmas ad takes religious politicking too far thusly: Well I haven’t thought about it completely but it, you know, reminded me of […]

Yes, God-o-Meter realizes the headline from yesterday’s straw poll among conservative evangelical activists in South Carolina is that Mike Huckabee won. God-o-Meter was more taken, however, by Ron Paul’s commanding second-place finish, collecting 179 votes out of roughly 600 cast—well […]

It turns out that even in his religion, Ron Paul is an iconoclast. Raised a Lutheran but currently attending a Baptist church, the anti-abortion, anti-profanity (he once chided an aide for using the term “red-light district” in the presence of […]