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Taking advantage of Fred Thompson’s exit from the race and Mike Huckabee’s continuing struggle to get traction outside his evangelical base, the folks over at Evangelicals for Mitt are asking born again Fred Heads and Huck-a-Fans to reconsider the former […]

Speaking at a press conference after being declared winner of today’s Republican caucuses in Nevada, Romney was asked whether his victory was due to the large share of Mormons who turned out. Romney pointed out that his margin of victory […]

Tonight’s exit polls out of Michigan, where Mitt Romney has been projected to be the easy victor, show that he won evangelical voters in a bare plurality, his first victory among that group in this cycle. A Michigan native son, […]

Mitt Romney announced a big Michigan Christian Right endorsement today: Marlene Elwell. Not exactly a household name, Elwell was a key advisor to the 1990s-era Christian Coalition and helped engineer Pat Robertson’s strong finish in 1988’s Iowa presidential caucuses. More […]

On Wednesday, Mitt Romney announced an endorsement from Domino’s Pizza founder and conservative Catholic financier Tom Monaghan. God-o-Meter notes that this is the latest example of the gap between Christian Right leadership and rank-and-file gap that began opening between Romney […]

Just because Mitt Romney is pulling his ads in South Carolina doesn’t mean he’s not banking his candidacy on serious evangelical support. For the time being, though, it’s not Southern evangelicals he needs. A senior Romney aide tells God-o-Meter that […]

Leave it to The Salt Lake Tribune, the Church of Latter-day Saints’ hometown paper, to keep insisting that Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is a drag on his candidacy. As God-o-Meter sees it, the only problem with these stories–and there have been […]

Wondering how the Romney team sees its chances among “values voters” after badly losing evangelicals to Mike Huckabee in Iowa, God-o-Meter swung by Romney’s New Hampshire headquarters in Manchester this afternoon. It found Tom Tancredo–there for an anti-immigration press conference, […]

After a year of campaigning to be the Christian Right’s candidate of choice, God-o-Meter was surprised to read this morning that Mitt Romney is calling Huckabee out on his evangelical strategy in Iowa and is publicly doubting the plan’s ability […]

Check out the entrance polls over at CNN, which show that Mike Huckabee won 46-percent of caucus goers who identified as evangelical or born again Christians, compared to just 19-percent for Mitt Romney. With six in ten GOP caucus goers […]