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Here’s the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody on James Dobson’s McCain denouncement. He sees it as a probable tacit endorsement for Romney. As a former Focus on the Family newsman, Brody would be one to know. I guess my first […]

After endorsing him last week, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has taped a robo-call for Mitt Romney that will go into a handful of Super Tuesday states. Script of the call comes courtesy of Jonathan Martin’s Politico blog: “Hello, this […]

God-o-Meter doesn’t fully buy this AP article, headlined “Romney Opens Up About Mormons,” but there’s some interesting stuff here nonetheless. Check out this take on an AP-Yahoo poll about how few Republican Mormon skeptics have budged on Romney: An AP-Yahoo […]

A few weeks after bashing John McCain as “weak on values,” former Pennsylvania Senator and Christian Right darling Rick Santorum is endorsing Mitt Romney. Here’s Santorum on Laura Ingraham (listen to it here): “I spent an hour and a half […]

David Brody’s right. If it weren’t for Huckabee denying him a decent share of the evangelical vote, Romney would probably be the GOP frontrunner: Huckabee caught fire in Iowa and took crucial votes away from Romney. It left Romney with […]

In reporting about Romney’s ties to Mormon Church Gordon Hinckley, who died this weekend, The Politico points out that it introduces the Mormon factor for the 1,627th time in the race. True enough. But Politico gets it wrong in making […]

Another member of the Christian Right elite for Mitt Romney. From the campaign’s press release announcing the endorsement of former Christian Coalition executive director Randy Tate: “In his four years as Governor of Massachusetts, I was impressed by Mitt Romney’s […]

So there’s a public rift between the Romney campaign and Focus on the Family Action over a comment in Focus’s recent video voter guide that the Mormon Mitt Romney has acknowledged he’s not a Christian, right? Actually, according to God-o-Meter’s […]

The Romney camp says a Focus on the Family video in which a top organizational official says Mitt Romney “has acknowledged that Mormonism is not a Christian faith, and I appreciate his acknowledging that” has its facts wrong, according to […]

For a few days there, it seemed to God-o-Meter that Mitt Romney, after winning the Michigan primary on his economic message and placing fourth in South Carolina because of anemic evangelical support, was deemphasizing religious conservative outreach. Over at Townhall, […]