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Two pieces today combat this week’s Washington Times piece about the threat of Mitt Romney giving evangelicals more agita should John McCain draft him as a running mate. The first, a Politico story headlined “Romney could lift McCain in West” […]

A World Magazine recap of the Christian Right’s stirringly ineffectual performance during the Republican presidential primaries reports that Paul Weyrich, cofounder of the Moral Majority, has admitted that he regrets backing Mitt Romney over Mike Huckabee. Huckabee could have really […]

God-o-Meter just got off the phone with a prominent evangelical Mike Huckabee supporter who said Huck was telling friends last night that the message God was sending him with regards to his White House ambitions was, “not yet.” Huck echoed […]

Both Huckabee and Dobson are staying mum on what the two spoke about when they sat down together in Colorado Springs this weekend. Here’s what God-o-Meter would like to ask them, if it could: Did Dobson ask Huck about his […]

God-o-Meter is less sure than The San Francisco Chronicle that Janet Huckabee’s stay at Las Vegas’s Hooters Casino Hotel will scare of her husband’s evangelical supporters–this is a couple that upgraded to a “covenant marriage” a few years back–but it’s […]

God-o-Meter caught up the other day with Charmaine Yoest, the Family Research Council VP of communications who left her post last year to become a senior advisor to Mike Huckabee. Yoest returned to FRC last month, when Huckabee’s cash flow […]

God-o-Meter carried an item last week about the IRS investigating a California pastor who endorsed Mike Huckabee on church letterhead, an apparent violation of IRS rules against church politicking. Now that pastor, Wiley S. Drake, is striking back. He’s calling […]

The Associated Press reports that the IRS is investigating a California-based Baptist pastor who is backing Mike Huckabee for possibly violating its rules against official church endorsements of candidates. God-o-Meter will give the pastor the benefit of the doubt, but […]

The AP chimes in on John McCain’s weak finish among Virginia values voters yesterday, with Fred Thompson’s former communications director blaming it on Huckabee’s refusal to leave the race: “McCain will be our nominee and he is starting to consolidate […]

Is Mike Huckabee the victim of religious discrimination from the media? In an interview with radio host Dennis Prager, brought to God-o-Meter’s attention by the Faith in Public Life blog, Huckabee accuses the press of displaying “soft bigotry” toward him […]