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A reader, gmo2, responds to one of God-o-Meter’s recent observations: “It strikes God-o-Meter that the firestorm of Palin criticism from elites–both liberal and conservative–is not fueled by Palin’s apparently Biblical worldview but by the fact that that worldview appears to […]

The conservative Judicial Confirmation Network is running this ad in Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Like a video released a few weeks ago by the conservative Catholic group Fidelis, the ad tells voters that there are more important […]

Listen to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson’s brand new radio interview with Sarah Palin here. Dobson says he’s praying for a miracle on Election Day, a thinly-veiled prayer for a McCain/Palin victory. What most struck God-o-Meter about the […]

From CNN’s Political Ticker: While in Colorado Springs, the Alaska governor sat down for an interview with influential “Focus on the Family” founder James Dobson, who has long been critical of McCain but said in August that the selection of […]

A lot of what Colin Powell said was troubling him about his Republican Party during his Meet the Press appearance had to do with the ascent of religious conservatives. And nothing represents that ascent so starkly as Sarah Palin. Here’s […]

God-o-Meter was reading an interview today with a certain prospective vice president and was surprised to hear the candidate’s answer to a question about faith: I haven’t really worn it on my sleeve. I haven’t been out there preaching it. […]

Even after years of reporting on religion in politics, God-o-Meter is always taken by how often a random voter turns out to be deeply influenced by his faith, and how often those voters hail from the born again tradition. Take […]

Steve Waldman noted this week that Same-sex marriage is nowhere near the front-burner issue it was in 2004, when it might have tipped the election to George W. Bush. Today’s ruling from the Connecitcut Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage there […]

Remember back to the Republican primaries, when Mike Huckabee campaigned as a new kind of evangelical candidate, adding issues like the environment, education, and poverty to the hot-button agenda of God, guns, and gays? That big-tent Huck seems to be […]

Check out this new election video emphasizing pro-life, anti-gay marriage positions from the conservative Catholic group Fidelis. The New York Times reports that the video, which implies support for the Republican ticket, has been posted by Catholic churches across the […]