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John Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race today.On CNN, Jessica Yellin is reporting that Edwards phoned Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama yesterday to urge them to make fighting poverty, his signature issue, and important part of their campaigns. […]

John Edwards told a crowd in Iowa yesterday that Democratic candidates could win Christian voters if they’re genuine, The Des Monies Register reports: Committed Christians can be attracted to the Democratic side if the party’s presidential nominee projects an honest […]

John Edwards is the latest White House aspirant to appear on the Christian Broadcasting Network, prompting God-o-Meter to wonder if CBN has supplanted Air America as a popular venue for Democrats. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Christian ministers supporting Hillary […]

In a speech delivered today from St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire, John Edwards laid into Hillary Clinton and claimed the moral high ground–literally. By refusing to decline corporate contributions like he has, Edwards said that Clinton as president would […]

On its face, the central argument of today’s Washington Post story on Edwards makes some sense: “he is the sole Southern Democrat and cultural conservative in the Democratic presidential field, making him the only top-tier candidate in his party who […]