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The media is covering the Huckabee-Thompson duel for religious conservatives in South Carolina, God-o-Meter thinks it has glossed over an important distinction in the two candidates’ approaches on the stump. Huckabee comes across as a populist “compassionate conservative,” while Thompson […]

As his campaign ambles along the back roads of upstate South Carolina, it’s little surprise that many of the voters turning out to hear Fred Thompson are evangelical Christians. In these parts, Baptist churches are more common than any chain […]

God-o-Meter caught up with Fred Thompson and his wife Jeri at various South Carolina events this week and has cobbled together this Q&A from a few separate exchanges. God-o-Meter has lots more to say about the Thompsons’ answers–and will–but it […]

Here in South Carolina, where God-o-Meter will be operating for the next several days, the conventional wisdom is that Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are in a two-man duel for GOP’s evangelicals in this Saturday’s primary. That’s what makes tonight’s […]

God-o-Meter’s new fellow Beliefnet blogger Reformed Chicks Blabbing has made a personal plea for GOM to raise Fred Thompson’s reading on the basis that he relies on sound Christian theology in envisioning government’s role in curing social ills. Here’s what […]

For a read on how the Republican candidates are faring among South Carolina evangelicals and in the state’s conservative Christian leadership ranks, there are few better placed than Oran Smith, who heads the Columbia-based Palmetto Family Council, a group associated […]

God-o-Meter just stumbled on this story from last week about Fred Thompson overstating his conservative Christian support by inflating the heft of a group called the Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies (whose web site now appears to be down). God-o-Meter […]

The Fred Thompson campaign yesterday sent reporters an ABC News story headlined “Thompson Rallies Conservative Christians.” God-o-Meter suspects that that headline may be giving Thompson too much credit, given that the entire article is about his endorsement from the Wesleyan […]

Does only God-o-Meter think this is in poor taste? The Fred Thompson campaign just sent reporters a memo that’s written as a send-up of Mike Huckabee’s apology to Mitt Romney over his recent remarks about Mormonism. A few excerpts from […]

It finally happened. Three months into a presidential campaign predicated largely on winning support from Southern evangelicals, Fred Thompson included a church visit on his official campaign schedule yesterday, according to a report from CBS News: MIAMI – In a […]