worldview.jpgGod-o-Meter has proposed that when Sarah Palin uses the term “world view” she means biblical worldview.

Here’s how she used the phrase in last night’s debate:

But even more important is that world view that I share with John McCain. That world view that says that America is a nation of exceptionalism. And we are to be that shining city on a hill, as President Reagan so beautifully said, that we are a beacon of hope and that we are unapologetic here. We are not perfect as a nation. But together, we represent a perfect ideal. And that is democracy and tolerance and freedom and equal rights. Those things that we stand for that can be put to good use as a force for good in this world.

The world view she described was fairly dripping with metaphysical imagery:

we represent a perfect ideal

we are to be that shining city on a hill

America is a nation of exceptionalism

Not to mention her invocation of Ronald Reagan, who’s been accorded deity status by many conservatives.


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