mindthegap.jpgSpiritual Politics’ Mark Silk took a close look at the new Survey USA poll from Virginia, which gives Obama an eye-popping ten-point lead, and discerned a narrowing of the God Gap–including the white God gap:

Since SUSA’s late June Virginia poll, in which Obama led by only two points (49-47), the numbers for occasional attenders and those who say they almost never attend have hardly changed at all. (Obama lost one point off his margin with the occasionals, gained one with the almost nevers.) Virtually the entire change has come from a shift among regular attenders, who constitute half of Virginia’s likely voters. In June, McCain was leading among them 55-42. Now Obama’s better than even, 49-47.

God-o-Meter wrote last week that the God Gap remained more or less unchanged, despite Obama’s rise in national polls. As Obama breaks away from McCain in certain states, though, that appears to be changing.


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