gaymarriage3.jpgSteve Waldman noted this week that Same-sex marriage is nowhere near the front-burner issue it was in 2004, when it might have tipped the election to George W. Bush.
Today’s ruling from the Connecitcut Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage there won’t change that; there is something of a financial crisis roiling the known universe.
But for the Christian Right, this is another gut check moment regarding its tacit support for McCain for president. Yes, the movement was thrilled about Sarah Palin’s selection last month. But if McCain/Palin are going to stay quiet on one of its most important issues–gay marriage–the trill could be gone pretty quickly.
Beginning in 2004, the Christian Right began waging campaigns to ban same sex marriage through state constitutional amendments, an effort that’s succeeded in over half the states. But the string of gay marriage legalization at the hands of the courts–the California Supreme Court legalized same-sex unions there earlier this month–is the movement’s worst nightmare coming true.
McCain/Palin can’t keep quiet about it without draining more enthusiasm from religious conservatives.
Here’s the reaction Family Research Council Action president Tony Perkins just sent ’round to supporters:

This decision puts marriage at risk all across the nation and highlights the need for a Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is imperative both Presidential candidates address the problems created by four activist judges in Connecticut. We call on Senators John McCain and Barack Obama to explain what they would do as President addressing the issue of same-sex marriage and articulating their criteria for ensuring that judges they appoint follow the law of the land and not legislate from the bench.

Let’s see–how many of those things have McCain/Palin done?
Advocate for the Marriage Protection Amendment? Nope. McCain opposes it.
Explain what they would do as President addressing the issue of same-sex marriage? Nope. McCain/Palin hardly ever mention it. Palin went so far as to say that same-sex couples are entitled to certain rights at the vice presidential debate
Decry activist judges? Yes–McCain and Palin do that that all the time.
But according to the FRC Action, they’re batting one for three.


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