kkk.jpgMany in the conservative pro-life movement are getting fed up with Barack Obama’s overtures to pro-lifers by offering a new take on the issue, vowing to reduce demand for abortion rather than curtailing abortion rights.

This growing frustration is evident in comments on this blog from National Right to Life Legislative Director Douglas Johnson in response to the pro-Obama advocacy of pro-life advocate Douglas Kmiec.

Many traditional pro-life activists think it’s absurd that a strict pro-choicer like Obama, who opposed the Infant Born Alive Act as a state legislator and denounced last year’s Supreme Court decision upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Act, is wooing pro-life voters. They think it’s deeply offensive.

How offensive? Check out Catholic League President Bill Donohue’s new piece on Inside Catholic parodying the argument that pro-life Catholics could back Obama with clear consciences. Donohue’s article is a line-by-line send up of a recent piece in the National Catholic Reporter by an Obama supporter entitled “I’m Catholic, staunchly anti-abortion, and support Obama.”

Donohue compares that position to a staunchly anti-racist Catholic supporting David Duke. With all the attention Obama and the Democrats have received by courting the pro-life community, Donohue’s piece is a helpful reminder of how starkly hardcore pro-life advocates see the issue.


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