The faith-based pro-Obama PAC The Matthew 25 Network is hosting a press conference call this afternoon announcing a new Christian radio ad in Ohio.

Watch it here:

What jumps out to God-o-Meter:

1. The narrator of the ad, former Ohio Rep. Tony Hall, identifies himself as “pro-life.”

2. The ad quotes directly from the Bible–“Jesus said, ‘In as much as you did it to one of the least of these, you have done it to me,’– a tactic that’s been traditionally eschewed by Republicans but increasingly embraced by Democrats.

3. The ad trumpets Obama’s humble roots–“as a child, Barack knew hard times, too–he had to rely on food stamps to get by” in an attempt to combat charges of elitism.

4. Rep. Hall identifies Obama as a “Christian.” Less than two months before the election, the campaign still feels the need to establish Obama’s religious identity.

5. The ad’s high production value in a very Christian radio tone. This sounds like it could just as well be an ad for an upcoming episode of Focus on the Family.


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