It wasn’t when he said that life begins at conception without skipping a beat.It wasn’t when he said that marriage should be limited to one man and one woman.It wasn’t even when he answered the question about which Supreme Court appointment he’d rescind by naming all four moderate to liberal justices.No, the high point for many evangelicals at John McCain’s appearance at Saddleback church was when John McCain answered a question about his greatest moral feeling by citing the breakup of his first marriage.McCain had never said that before. Evangelicals don’t mind sinners–so long as they ‘fess up. Remember George W. Bush and the tales of his rudderless, hard-drinking ways before he turn 40 and seeing the light?Want proof that McCain’s Saturday night confession has evangelicals talking? The AP reports that McCain’s own Baptist pastor played the clip during services yesterday, while McCain was in the pews:

John McCain found himself the center of attention at his church in Phoenix yesterday, watching himself on a giant-screen television talking about his “greatest moral failure,” which he said was the collapse of his first marriage.”I have been a very imperfect person,” McCain said, in an interview with the Rev. Rick Warren shown at his church. “It’s my greatest moral failure.”McCain sat next to his second wife, Cindy, as he watched the interview during the services at North Phoenix Baptist Church, where the Rev. Dan Yeary described the exchange as a “seminal moment” in the presidential campaign. For balance, he showed Barack Obama’s interview with Warren, in which the Democrat confessed he had been too self-centered. “I couldn’t focus on other people,” Obama said.McCain, the hometown favorite, got solid applause from the congregation after his confession.


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