mccainbook.jpgCBN’s David Brody reports that John McCain is emailing conservative Christian leaders with excerpts from his books detailing McCain’s Christian faith, especially as a young man. Here’s an excerpt:

Dear Friends,
Many of you have asked about John McCain’s faith. John McCain is a strong Christian, but he believes that, in the context of the campaign, his faith is a personal issue. Excerpts directly from John McCain’s family memoir entitled, Faith of My Fathers, best explain the shaping and content of John McCain’s faith. If you would like this document formatted for printing, please do not hesitate to contact Americans of Faith at
Americans of Faith for John McCain
An officer must not lie, steal, or cheat– ever. He keeps his word, whatever the cost. He must not shirk his duties no matter how difficult or dangerous they are. His life is ransomed to his duty. An officer must trust his fellow officers, and expect their trust in return. He must not expect others to bear what he will not. An officer accepts the consequences of his actions. He must not hide his mistakes, nor transfer blame to others that is rightfully his. He admits his mistakes openly, and accepts whatever sanction is imposed upon him without complaint. (Page 66)
My father didn’t talk about God or the importance of religious devotion. He didn’t proselytize. But he always kept with him a tattered, dog-eared prayer book, from which he would pray aloud for an hour, on his knees, twice every day. (Page 71)
One spring, a young interrogator I had not seen before decided to practice his English by chatting amiably with me about Western religious customs. “What is Easter?” he asked me. I told him that it was the time of year we celebrated the death and resurrection of the Son of God. As I recounted the events of Christ’s passion, His crucifixion, death, resurrection, and assumption to heaven, I saw my curious interrogator furrow his brow in disbelief. “You say He died?” “Yes, He died.” “Three days, He was dead?” “Yes. Then He came alive again. People saw Him and then He went back to heaven.”
Clearly puzzled, he stared wordlessly at me for a few moments, then left the room. A short time later, he returned, his friendly manner gone, an angry resolve replacing it. “Mac Kane, the officer say you tell nothing but lies. Go back to your room,” he ordered, the mystery of my faith proving incomprehensible to him. (Page 223)


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