obamaabortion.jpgThe Brody File reports on the Christian Defense Coalition’s new “Abortion President” campaign against Barack Obama. This is not a group with lots of organizational heft–it’s known mostly for hosting press conferences–but if Brody’s right, it’s the first step in a broader Christian Right campaign to brandish Obama’s pro-choice credentials as a way to trip up his campaign to reach culturally conservative religious voters:

Folks, The Brody File has been telling you this sort of effort was coming. Some of these pro-life groups look at the polling and find that many Americans either think Obama is either pro-life or they’re not sure. This campaign is an attempt to set the record straight. Don’t think for a minute this is one ‘fringe” group. This effort represents the broader feelings with many conservative Evangelical groups.
This is Obama’s challenge with Evangelicals. He can talk about the social justice issues all he wants and yes, it resonates to a certain extent but unless he moves on abortion (not likely) he’ll have a problem….
The bigger issue here for the Obama campaign is just how widespread and vocal pro-life groups may end up being on this issue. Obama can’t afford the extreme liberal tag and if these groups continue to pound home the abortion theme, it doesn’t fit the narrative that Obama needs to be successful.


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