stevens.jpgThe Democrats succeeding in closing the gap among what Democratic National Committee pollster Cornell Belcher calls “values-first voters” from 30 points in 2004 to around 10 points in 2006. It was a major factor behind the Democrats’ congressional takeover. True, the narrowing of the values gap coincided with the launch of the Democrats’ myriad new faith outreach programs. But a much bigger factor was the wave of Republican scandals leading up to the ’06 midterm elections.
Tom DeLay. Ralph Reed. Mark Foley. Even Ted Haggard.
The scandals created a poisonous atmosphere for Republicans in 2006. Exit polls from Election Day of that year found that corruption and ethics in government was the most important issue for voters, overshadowing even the Iraq war. Today’s indictment of Ted Stevens risks further tarnishing the GOP’s “morals and values” brand.
That’s more bad news from McCain.


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