ISO Obama’s Abortion Stance

A short interview Barack Obama gave last week to the evangelical Relevant magazine has been making a lot of headlines, specifically over what he said about supporting abortion restrictions:

“I have repeatedly said that I think it’s entirely appropriate for states to restrict or even prohibit late-term abortions as long as there is a strict, well-defined exception for the health of the mother. Now, I don’t think that ‘mental distress’ qualifies as the health of the mother. I think it has to be a serious physical issue that arises in pregnancy, where there are real, significant problems to the mother carrying that child to term. Otherwise, as long as there is such a medical exception in place, I think we can prohibit late-term abortions.”


What’s been surprising about the blowback Obama’s received over the remarks is that–just like criticism he received last week over his proposal to bolster President Bush’s faith-based initiatives–it’s come almost entirely from the Christian Right. NARAL actually released a statement backing Obama:
According to the AP, NARAL Pro-Choice America released a statement expressing complete comfort with Obama’s remarks:

“Sen. Obama has consistently said he supports the tenets set forth by Roe, and has made strong statements against President Bush’s Federal Abortion Ban, which does not have an exception to protect a woman’s health.”

But pro-life groups say Obama is being disingenuous, trying to obscure his adamant pro-choice position as he reaches out to evangelicals, Catholics, and other culturally conservative religious voters. Says the Family Research Council:


…[Obama’s] co-sponsorship of the federal Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) shows his unwavering support of abortion on demand. He went as far as telling a Planned Parenthood audience “the first thing I’d do as president is, is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.” FOCA would not only codify Roe v. Wade into law it would also successfully overturn numerous state laws that have been passed over the years to protect children and parents.

Other pro-life groups say Obama’s opposition to “mental distress” qualifying as a health exception for abortion bans represents a major change in the Democratic Party’s approach to abortion rights and constitutes a depature from 1973’s Doe v. Bolton case–issued concurrently with Roe v. Wade–which identified emotional and psychological health considerations as valid reasons for women seeking abortions.
Protests from pro-life groups notwithstanding, Obama is seriously changing the Democrats’ rhetoric on abortion. What God-o-Meter is interested to see is whether that shift wins over moderately pro-life voters or whether they, like the Christian Right, dismiss Obama’s new approach to abortion as mere obfuscation. Obama is muddying the waters on his abortion stance, but God-o-meter is confident that questions from the news media will force him to clarify his stance, especially on abortion restrictions that fall short of constituting outright bans on the procedure.


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posted July 8, 2008 at 12:06 pm

This is what happens when you tag someone as being to the far left. When he actually voices a point he has made for years without notice, you act surprise and call it shifting to the center.
Oct. 10, 2007: Obama said when it comes to abortion, his family would make a different decision. But that every family’s circumstances are different and as a law-maker, he’d rather people made their own choices.
I bet that went mostly unnoticed. If he says the same thing today, he would be accused of shifting to the center to appeal to evangelicals.
Many ministers who preach against adultery have been or are still involved in adulterous relationships. Many pro-lifers have committed abortion or faciliated abortion (e.g. Mitt Romney). Granted, most of them now regret their choice. But what they’re saying is, “I made the choice to commit abortion – I regret it. Now, it should be banned so others can’t make their own choice”. That’s a very devisive approach and these people are even trying to out-God God.
The word of God teaches us what is right and what is wrong and instructs us to … CHOOSE what is right. God has always set CHOICES before people (Deuteronomy 30: 19).
The reasonable and Christ-like approach to abortion is ECUCATION, SENSITIZATION, PREVENTION, CHOICE and HELP to those that need it. Jesus’s emphasis was on preventing the sin, not rejecting the sinner. That’s why he wouldn’t let a woman who committed adultery to be stoned to death (John 8:2-11).

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posted July 10, 2008 at 8:22 am

From the moment of conception a new life commences, a new individual exists, another child is added to the family. The mother who deliberately sets about to destroy this life, either by want of care, or by taking drugs, or using instruments, commits as great a crime, is just as guilty, as if she strangled her new-born infant, or as if she snatched from her own breast her six months’ darling, and dashed out its brains against the wall. Its blood is upon her head, and, as sure as there is a God and a judgment, that blood will be required of her. The crime she commits is murder, child-murder. This crime is fearfully prevalent, and millions of persons in the world are devoted to its perpetration. Those who submit to this vice are not generally unmarried women who have lost their virtue, but the mothers of families, respectable, Christian matrons, members of church, and walking in the better class of society. Better, far better, to bear a child every year for twenty years than to resort to such a wicked and injurious step ; better to die, if needs be, in the pangs of childbirth, than to live with such a weight of sin on the conscience.
From the moment of conception a new life commences, that he who takes that life, whether under the forms of medical or civil law, or the stimulus of greed or benevolence, violates a higher law, and, as sure as there is a God and a judgment, that blood will be required of him. Satan the murderer from the beginning, and those who murder humans before they are even born, before they see the light of day, belong to the synagogue of Satan, whether they know it or not, and regardless of arguments put forward.
If we examine the history of abortion, we shall find that this crime, now so commonly practiced as to demand the attention it is receiving from moralists, is of extremely ancient origin, having existed among pagan nations from the earliest times: that the influence of Christianity has ever been to banish the practice, and that in proportion as Christianity becomes weakened or destroyed, the fearful evil in question re-appears and extends.
The Roman women did not scruple to disembarrass themselves of a pregnancy which might interfere with their convenience or pleasure, until Ulpian repressed the practice by attaching to it the most severe penalties. Plato and Aristotle advocated it for the avowed purpose of preventing excessive population. Plato and Aristotle taught that the child only acquires a soul at the moment of mature birth; hence, that the embryo not possessing animation, its sacrifice is not murder. As it were, these two philosopher are the forerunners of the UN-sponsored family planning, and this monstrous heresy against religion, science, and common sense is not without its imitators in our own time. Modern sophists pretend that before a certain period of intra-uterine existence, which they term ” animation,” the embryo has neither life nor soul ; that, consequently, its destruction before that period is an evil, perhaps, but in certain cases, is lawful.
The dangers incidental to abortion are numerous, and to one who knows them, frightful. I will enumerate a few:
First, flooding. She may flood to death before your very eyes, and many cases do occur altogether beyond the control of the most skillful practitioners.
Second, inflammations. Escaping the dangers of flooding, inflammation may attack the womb, or its appendages, or the surrounding organs, and she may die in horrid delirium.
Third, insanity. By reflex action the brain not infrequently takes on disease, and in place of a prat tling baby, you may be saddled for the remainder of your life with a madwoman.
Fourth, barrenness a most common result. “Circumstances” may change; it may seem the most desirable thing in the world that your family should increase,’ but violated Nature defies you. Pregnancy occurs often enough, but the womb gives up its contents at precisely the same term as you forced it to do before, and no art can come to your relief.
Fifth, female weakness. The long train of sad and tedious phenomena indicated by this popular term, is absolutely multifarious congestions, ulceration, and prolapsus uteri, diseases of the bladder, urethra, and rectum, incontinence of urine, spinal irritation, sciatica, and other things, of which the greatest misfortune is that they do not kill, but simply render life insupportable.
It is a noble and worthwhile act to inform everybody about the evil of abortion for two reasons ; first, to save the life of a human being, and, second, to rescue husband, but above all excellent wives, from the commission of a sin of damnation.
The destruction by parents of their own offspring before birth is a crime against God and against nature. There are very many influences at work, in public and in secret, to corrupt the minds of the people, until the frequency of such murder is no longer sought given any thought. When all is said and done, those who are guilty of these crimes, as well as those who actively or passively condone them are warned that they shall NEVER inherit eternal life. Yes, the depths of God’s mercy are fathomless, but so is Divine Justice, because God is EQUAL in all His attributes. When the souls of these child murderers appear before the Divine Judge, so will the victims of their heinous crime. The blood of the unborn will cry for justice and justice will be served. Make no mistake about it. These unfortunate souls will be compelled to acknowledge the strictness and rigorousness of divine justice.
So, think very carefully before you cast your vote for the abortion president Obama. Doing renders one an accessory to murder ; murder of the most innocent and vulnerable members of society. It is vile hypocrisy for abortionists and their supporters to remain in connection with the visible Church of Christ. Therefore, those who have been called to preach the Gospel, and all those who love purity and the truth, and who wish to avert the just judgment of Almighty God upon USA and the world, are exhorted not to remain silent any longer or be tolerant of these things, but take a bold stand, that the thought of impurity and cruelty may be stayed.
Also, unscriptural views of marriage have become prevalent in the modern world, so that the obligations of marriage are disregarded by many, and separation of husband and wife, and divorces for slight and unwarrantable reasons, are the rule. The horrible crime of infanticide has also exploded in these later years too, and the evils which these errors and crimes have already brought upon the world, and the worse evils which they threaten in the future, make it imperative that the whole power of the ministry and Church of Jesus Christ should be put forth in maintenance of truth and virtue in regard to these things.

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Michael Pierce

posted November 6, 2008 at 1:01 pm

Dear Sirs,I remember the womb as I was aware of my Life Field or The Breath of God that my Spirit is.I remember the cells groving at a logarithmic increase!Twenty eight years I was caught up to the throne of God and His Son.A nation thet loves its convience is headed for a day of reconing and shall pay down to the uttermost farthing!Woe unto the day of it.The breath of life given and manifested is the Divine Decree that DETERMINES THAT the so called”fetus” is a PERSON!!!The destruction of same brings upon yhe perpetrators a terrible retribution!
Be zealous and repent,Prophet Mike Pierce

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