For a while there, God-o-Meter noticed that for all Barack Obama’s supposed prowess in religious outreach and online organizing, his campaign’s faith blog was pretty much dead. There’s been just a handful of postings per month since January. But as of late June, the blog has been going gangbusters.
What happened? The interns arrived!
According to the first installment of Obama’s new American Values newsletter, his religious outreach team includes four staffers and six interns, including one manning the blog:

Lincoln, NE
Alyssa Martin

I am enthusiastic about interning with the Religious Affairs department of the Obama campaign because I believe we urgently need to foster an open dialogue among people of faith and conscience. This belief stems from my own multifaceted experience with religion. Raised Catholic, I’ve encountered Hinduism in my grandparents, and have formed close bonds with fellow Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant students at Stanford University. In addition, I have promoted dialogue among those with a purely academic interest in religion via a seminar entitled “Politically Incorrect: Let’s Talk About Religion.”
I grew up in a state that can technically divvy up its electoral votes, but consistently chooses not to: Nebraska. Before going to Stanford, I was bluntly warned against becoming a “San Francisco liberal.” I am accustomed to tirades pitting red states against blue, liberal against conservative, and, most painfully, family member against family member. Obama inspired me not only with his heartfelt understanding of these divisions, but also with his tempered conviction that unity, not division, is the true agent of change.
Amidst soundbites, demographic stereotypes (What Would Catholics Do?), and taboos, it’s refreshing to listen to Obama’s nuanced policy proposals and frank discussion of those issues that fester under the surface. I believe Obama has the power to be a transformative President because he brings emotional honesty and a limitless vision. I believe he has a unique power to recast America’s role in the global community. On a less grandiose level, I believe it’s finally possible to see the bold side of Nebraska, contributing electorally to Obama. It’s unconscionable for me to sit out and do nothing during this defining hour.


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