That’s what the influential conservative Catholic group Fidelis says in a press release it put out, responding to news today that Obama’s short list for running mates is mostly Catholic.
Here’s Fidelis’s reasoning (read the full press release):

Catholic voters attuned to speculation over possible vice presidential candidates are expressing concern over reports that Senator Barack Obama is seriously considering a pro-abortion Catholic as his running mate. According to Fidelis, a national Catholic based advocacy group, such a choice would represent a major insult to Catholic voters who are still evaluating his candidacy.
“The choice of a pro-abortion Catholic for vice president would deal a major blow to any efforts by the Obama campaign to reach out to Catholic voters,” said Brian Burch, President of Fidelis. “Both the bishops and the laity continue to wrestle with the scandal of prominent Catholic politicians who support abortion, and the choice of a pro-abortion Catholic running mate would amount to scratching at a deep and festering wound in the American Catholic Church.”

But Kaine and Sebelius have already they could win in the culturally conservative states with sizable Catholic populations. Sure, the pro-choice Catholic John Kerry lost Catholics in 2004, but that was less because of his pro-choice position than over how he handled it and his Catholicism generally, refusing to do any real Catholic outreach. Kaine and Sebelius have been more sophisticated about Catholic outreach, which has helped them win elections.


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