Who Are McCain’s Foot Soldiers?

phonebank.jpgWriting in The Wall Street Journal today, Karl Rove says the 2008 race will likely be won by the candidate who has the superior ground game. Presidential candidates’ national organizations typically grow to comprise tens of thousands of supporters, mostly volunteers, who do the unglamorous work of knocking on doors and picking up the phone to sign up new voters and get likely supporters to the polls on Election Day. It’s the nitty-gritty work that Rove excelled at, so his handicapping of where McCain and Obama stand in that department carries a lot of weight.
Despire the GOP’s sagging fortune, Rove counters the conventional wisdom and says the Republican get-out-the-vote machine gives McCain a leg up:


Mr. McCain has a superior tool available to him – the GOP’s Victory Committee, with its 72-Hour program that uses sophisticated targeting and vast numbers of volunteers to focus on Lincoln’s four tasks.
In 2004, the Victory Committee proved its value when the Democrats far outspent the GOP, but still failed to beat Republican turnout. Fueled by George Soros’s money, Democratic 527s (independent political groups) along with the Democratic National Committee and John Kerry’s campaign spent a combined $121 million more than Republicans. Yet the GOP registered more voters and identified persuadable households better than Democrats, and got 12 million more Bush voters to the polls than in 2000. Democratic dollars were no match for the Victory Program’s “microtargeted” database and detailed planning.

God-o-Meter has a question for Rove: who are the on-the-ground volunteers willing to staff the GOP’s Victory Program in 2008? In 2004, it was evangelicals. They’re not half as enthused about McCain as they were about Bush. So who takes their place this year?


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Former RNC Staffer

posted June 5, 2008 at 8:41 pm

The fact is, they don’t have the bodies. At this point in 2004 a state like New Mexico had already made 100K volunteer phone calls. They have just now put directors into states and don’t even have very many field staffers. Word is that the RNC and McCain camps aren’t really talking. Old Bush Volunteers have called and asked to help with no replies to requests. I know good people work at the RNC but this campaign is already out of reach, hence McCain’s small crowds everywhere he goes. Its too bad because Obama is only about an inch deep and will push through some pretty socialist policies when he walks into the White House.

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posted June 8, 2008 at 10:50 pm

Mike Huckabee has a huge, active Grassroots Army that is more active than ever! When he is chosen for VP, he will bring along this Army to ENERGIZE the McCain/Huckabee 08 Team!
A McCain/Huckabee 08 Ticket would be a huge win in November!
WHY? They are BOTH:
➢ Proven, tested, unchanged stands/records on Tax Reform, Fiscal Responsibility, Social/Traditional Family Issues, National Security/Immigration (secure the Border first), and both have conservative Democrat and limited Government allies to reach across the aisle outside the GOP.
➢ Vetted, trusted, proven integrity and character, and would appoint conservative JUDGES who would not legislate from the bench, and undermine the people and the traditional values this country was founded upon. “I will never sacrifice principles for anybody’s politics.”—Gov. Huckabee No surprises or “skeletons” in these closets to bring the country and the office of the President of the United States disrespect.
➢ Respect/Like each other!
McCain: “Governor Huckabee got millions of votes from people across this country when he ran for President. He reached out to people. I am very grateful to have him with me as a role model.” (Little Rock, AR, 4-25-08)
Huckabee: “One of the reasons I am supporting McCain is I admire him for understanding how government works and not giving more power to the government, but to the people.”
McCain: “We will be careful stewards of your tax money, as Gov. Huckabee was when he was Governor of Arkansas.” (Little Rock, AR, 4-25-08)
Huckabee: “We ran the most civil campaigns in the entire Republican primary.”
(Little Rock, AR, 4-25-08)
“When I think about the leadership our country needs, there’s no doubt in my mind it needs Sen. McCain.” (Greensboro, NC, 6-8-08)
Why Gov. Mike Huckabee for VP?
• Strong, unwaivering record on social issues, fiscal responsibility, tax reform as Governor, huge evangelical, southern states support
• Still has 65% approval rating in AK, and got millions of votes from supporters during presidential primaries, including 65% African-American vote
• Since 1976, there have been five states who have voted for the General Election winner every time in all of the eight elections since then. The states are: Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and Ohio. This year, in all of these states, Gov. Huckabee either won them or came in second to McCain.
• Reaches across party lines with his likeability and character
• Likability, personable, and earned the title, “The Great Communicator” says Ed Rollins, Campaign Mgr.
• Would bring a huge, still-active Army of grassroots supporters to ENERGIZE the Republican Party and rally for the McCain ticket!
REAL CHANGE Republicans with REAL ANSWERS in solving the Problems we face in this country!

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Granny T

posted June 8, 2008 at 11:11 pm

Not all evangelicals have jumped on board Ship “Obama”, yet. McCain has an army of grassroots supporters ready, willing, and able to be called into active duty at a moments notice IF he chooses Mike Huckabee as his VP. Huckabee supporters believe that Huckabee has the communication skills to persuade McCain to see the light regarding the issues most important to us. We believe Huckabee will be able to help McCain win the not so safe anymore south.
If you have the backbone to stand up and fight both the liberal left and the elitist right; come on over and enlist. We welcome moral value conservative recruits of all income levels, races, and religions. We have plenty of evangelicals, Catholics, and even some atheist. Join the Huck-a-movement at to help us save America from the liberal extremist.

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posted June 8, 2008 at 11:13 pm

If John McCain chooses Mike Huckabee it will be 2004 II and even better. The social conservatives in this country will be energized like you would not believe. To have someone who not only shares their values but also is not afraid to challenge America with those values (in a very positive way) is something we have not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.
America is truly at a critical time in her moral direction. The more she gets to know Mike Huckabee the more she will love him. That is where the foot soldiers will come for John McCain: From America.

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posted June 9, 2008 at 1:33 am

Mike Huckabee has a huge grassroots organization that just keeps growing and we are ready and willing to work just as tirelessly for McCain/Huckabee as we did for Huckabee himself. We are very passionate in our belief that Huckabee is the leadership this country needs. Senator McCain shares the same idealogy as Mike, and though there are differences, we realize he is MUCH better than Obama! We all plan to vote for Senator McCain, but only adding our Mike to the ticket can generate the excitement, passion and dedication it takes to sit with your phone day after day making those calls, driving around putting up yard signs, knocking on doors, and making regular donations. Mike was able to get so far in his presidential bid with little money, few big name endorsements, and a very small traveling organization because of the thousands of volunteers who believed in the message and the messenger. We believe in this message: McCain/Huckabee’08…priceless!!!

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posted June 9, 2008 at 3:08 am

Mike Huckabee’s all volunteer ground troops would no doubt help win the election for McCain.

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