piechart.jpgCalvin College is out with the results of a new public opinion survey titled “The Religious Landscape and Projected Presidential Vote: Spring 2004 and Spring 2008. Check it out here. God-o-Meter hasn’t sifted through the whole report yet, but some shifts from 2004 to 2008 jump out: Evangelical support has dropped from 65-percent for George W. Bush this time four years ago to 59-percent for John McCain. The unusual support from Latino Protestants and Latino Catholics for Bush has not endured for McCain, from 59-percent and 34-percent, respectively, to 32-percent and 19-percent.
On the other hand, there hasn’t been much movement among Catholics and mainline Protestants, who are still as split between the Republican and Democratic candidate now as they were in 2004. All else being equal, however, a slight fall-off in evangelical support coupled with a steeper drop among Catholic and Protestant Latino appear to spell trouble for McCain.


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