As noted from time to time by the God-o-Meter, Senator McCain has not had an easy time of it winning support from conservative evangelical Protestants. So, it certainly can’t hurt him with that electoral segment that he can count on getting the vote of Macel Falwell “for sure.” That’s what she tells Newsweek’s Lisa Miller in an interview . For many, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the estwhile Moral Majority Inc. and also Liberty University, held a status as the public voice of the Protestant right-wing for nearly three decades, until his death last year. But Macel Falwell, saying her late husband didn’t talk much around the house about his activism, declines the opportunity to speculate on whether religious conservatives will play much of a role in the fall election.

As for McCain, Miller asks Mrs. Falwell if she will vote “happily” for the presumptive Republican nominee? Her response: she doesn’t think has “much of a choice.” Without mentioning Senator Obama by name, she says that “it has to be one or the other, and I would prefer” McCain.

Hmmm… That might sound a little backhanded. But she does add she’s sure McCain “would be Jerry’s choice.” Could be a blurb the campaign might consider using.





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